What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

You removed all water and then cleaned up  the mess after.

Fast response too !!! 

You were professional and good to work with in our water damage cleanup. The team was respectful and polite.

You got the water out fast and secured to furniture and even cleaned it 

Thank you for your professionalism and fast response to our office water damage

Allen T.

I am extremely happy with my whole experience. You made what would normally be a complicated situation, uncomplicated. I really appreciated everyone’s hard-work.

My home was flooded over the weekend and I thought I was going to have to cancel Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully, SERVPRO responded to my inquiry via Yelp and saved the day.

Thank you so much. You took care of everything including demolition and storage of my furniture. Quick response to my emergency call!

I had to use the services of SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island not very long ago due to a big water damage in my kitchen. They delivered BIG TIME on their promise! "Like it never even happened." Thank you SERVPRO!

All of the crew members that my husband and I worked with were fantastic!

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island did a terrific job at my home. Thank you!

When my hot water heater decided it'd rather empty itself all over the basement rather than heat up water, my first call was to SERVPRO. A small army showed up the next day and made getting the basement dry their number one priority. They were professional, prompt, kind, and helpful. Highly recommended when disaster strikes!

My wife called me while I was away on business to tell me that we had experienced a water damage. I told her to keep calm and call SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island. You guys were phenomenal. Thank you kindly.

This company could not have been more polite! They came into my family's home and treated the entire property with the utmost care!

I called SERVPRO of Northern Rhode after my toilet clogged and started to over flow in my 1 bedroom apartment in Providence, RI. There was water everywhere and I didn't know what to do. Thankfully a crew was there in no time and made the mess look, "Like it never even happened." 

SERVPRO came to my three-story home in Providence after a toilet on the third-floor overflowed. It was amazing to learn that the water had trickled all the way done to the first-floor. SERVPRO informed me of this and made the situation, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO did a great job remediating my home after the water loss. I could not have been happier with their response as well as their customer service!

Great communication and follow-through in all aspects of this problem. I have never been so stress free with this type of problem in our home! Amazing!

It is unusual when one finds a company such as yours. Dameian and the crew were friendly, trustworthy, and a hard working crew. My thanks for the prompt, considerate, and professional handling of my home. When I went to work, I felt my home was in good hands. Everybody involved worked so hard to clean the house. You certainly need to be commended for having such wonderful workers! 

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for going so far above and beyond for my home's remediation. Nobody does what you did anymore and I am touched by the kindness you showed me and the fact you even "cared" enough about my situation to want to extend yourself. I will never forget you or the genuine kindness you showed me. You touched my heart when I had given up on those being any good left in the world. Thank you!

Nice job cleaning up our basement water damage at our Cumberland home. You extracted the water and cleaned up everything with such care. Thank you SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island.

The flood at my home was way too large for my son and me to handle. When SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island arrived, I was instantly relieved because they assured me that I had nothing to worry about. They removed the water in a matter of hours. THANK YOU!

SERVPRO was very professional and prompt after my home had flooded. I will never choose another remediation company! Thanks again!

The flood in my home's basement put a real damper on my week. SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island came to my home and had the water cleaned up by the weekend. Thank you.

You guys did a fantastic job for my wife and I. I thought we were doomed after the water had settled under our carpet in our basement, but your crew assured me they would be able to remediate the problem so that no mold would grow. They did exactly that! Thank you!

Thank you SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island for removing the water from my home after the rain storm. I thought we were done for and then I decided to call you and it was the best thing I could've done!

Thank you SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island for cleaning my home just before my family came to stay for the weekend. When the pipe broke, I panicked and thought I would have to call off the entire trip. You truly cared about my home and it showed. 

When we noticed the leak in our apartment, we immediately contacted our landlord and he referred SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island. The mess was cleaned up in no time and we were able to get back to our everyday lives. Thank you. 

Great work! The crews cleaned up the water damage in no time, thank you!

The men who worked with us were amazing, and we were more than satisfied.

Thanks guys you did a great job at our Cranston office building. You are a great single source to do the whole job. You guys handled with great care in cleaning everything. You are the masters of clean up!

Your rapid response to our water damage flood at our house made us feel much better. Thank you.

Thanks for helping us with our flooded basement from all the rain. The cleaning went great too. Your technicians really know what they are doing!

You were here so fast and got all the water out of our flooded basement. My mother was so nervous but you all made her feel at ease! Thank you SERVPRO!

Great attitude by your crews. We were impressed. Thank you!

Your staff was great cleaning our flood from the water damage from the leaking supply line in our office building!

I was nervous when we first called you. After you came out and explained everything to us we felt much better. Thnak you SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island!

Thank you so much for the work you and your company did to remediate the water damage at my parent's home. I truly appreciate the time you spent explaining the problems and the actions that your company took to correct them. Since I don't live in Rhode Island and wasn't able to see the damage first hand, your assistance was invaluable to me.