What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

SERVPRO was very knowledgeable about what needed to be done to get rid of the water fast and they explained the job procedure

Very impressed how well your team communicated with us during the fire clean up.

Fast response to our building from all the rain storm saved us so much damage from all the water coming and flooding. Your team was very professional and explained everything to us along the way.

You really do care about the customer !!

Your team showed up quickly for our commercial building water damage.

They were very nice and explained everything to us. They were very careful in describing what had to happen and we were able to keep working during he clean up.

Thank you SERVPRO,

I wanted to give you a bog thank you for cleaning up our commercial warehouse from the water damage and fire in Narragansett.

The teams came out quickly and started the clean up right away.

During the job you also answered all questions and explained the job procedures.

Thank you SERVPRO  !!! 

Your response to our commercial office building form the fore and water was terrific. Your teams worked fast in getting the water sucked up and the cleaning form the soot and fire odor went better than we expected. Great job SERVORP

We will keep your phone number handy !!

The crew you sent to our commercial property was professional and cleaned up the water damage as well as the fire and soot and were back in business fast.

Thank You

You cleaned up the sewerage fast in our commercial offcie building in record time

Thank you

I was impressed and never knew SERVPRO can do so many jobs. Our commercial building had a smoke damage and they cleaned it up fast and direct billed the insurance company.

Thank you !

You kept our business running while you completed the water damage clean up and we did not have to shut down our commercial office

Thank you 

All of the team members were friendly, professional, and gave great detail and information on the process. Thank you!

My office after the holiday Christmas party was an absolute mess. Food and drinks had seeped my office's carpets and I didn't know if there was a company open two days to Christmas. I contacted SERVPRO and sure enough, a representative met me at the office about an hour later. It was taken care of in no time and I was very happy!

The flooring in my office was absolutely disgusting. Mold, water, and dirt everywhere. SERVPRO of The Attleboros cleaned it like it was nothing. Thank you very much for all that you do!

Our commercial property had a disaster from a water damage. We looked for a company that does flood damage and we were referred to you by our insurance agent. You guys did a great job and we want to thank you for your cleanup services!


The hotel business can be very messy. After a few guests stayed at my hotel, their room was a mess and had a foul odor. SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island responded to my call and quickly remediated the issue so that I could get the room rented out shortly after. Thank you very much for all that you do!

Upon purchasing my new commercial office building, there was a funky odor in the already stained carpets. Unacceptable for a conducive working environment, I called SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island to perform a thorough cleaning before any of my employees would be exposed to the atrocious smell. They cleaned the carpets in no time and I was left very satisfied! Thanks a million! 

I was nervous when I arrived to my office and saw SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island vans. I did not know what happened. Upon entering the building, a project manager informed me of what was going on and whether or not they would be in my way. The crews were very respectable and I appreciated how quickly they resolved the office's issue. Thank you for being so kind. 

The temperature yesterday was so unbearable hot that our overuse of the air conditioning unit caused it to catch on fire. SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island immediately came out to our office after the Fire Department left and cleaned up the soot and smoke damage. Thank you very much! 

After being closed for a week, my business partner and I went back into our building to prepare for the upcoming work week. When we arrived, a pipe had burst, totally flooding and ruining our electrical wiring inside of our office. Panicking, we called SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island to come and fix our dilemma. Within minutes their crews arrived and we were able to be back up and running within 2 days! Thanks for saving us!

My commercial warehouse never looked so clean. The soot and smoke that was all over the building made it unbearable to be in. The crews worked very hard over the weekend to get the soot off of everything! I could not have asked for better service. 

We are very happy with everything done by Phil and his crew. Thank you so much!

Not even our janitorial staff could get rid of the odor that had been present in our office for over a month. After contacting SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island, their professionals came in immediately and removed any traces of the smell. Great job!!

The disaster restoration response was so fast! Thank you for cleaning our business when we needed you guys the most!

Thank you for coming into my office and eliminating that horrendous odor that had been lingering around for months.

Our Pawtucket commercial building was a disaster. Your crews worked very hard to clean all of the soot and you cleaned everything up. You seem to clean with such great care and we cannot thank you enough!

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island really came through when I needed them most. As the snow melted, water started accumulating in my business. You guys were prompt and efficient. Thanks again for the water restoration!

Your crews worked very fast in cleaning up all the water from the flood in our office building.

Thank you SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island!

I have to say, all of the crews were great! We had a large clean up to do in a short amount of time and you did it. Our Warwick Rhode Island Office was cleaned up and we were impressed!

Thank you SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island!