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Ice Dam Loss

This was the image of a home in East Providence, RI that experienced a water loss over the snowy weekend due to an ice dam. When ice and snow build up on your rooftop and are not drained properly, water can work its way into your home and cause extensive interior damage(s).

Greasy Stove?

SERVPRO was called to provide a "deep cleaning" for a customer in Central Falls, RI. As you can tell by the photo, grease from cooking oil was all over the place. When grease builds up under burners, it increases the likelihood of a fire. Remember to always clean your station after cooking!

Anatomy of a Hero

What exactly makes up a SERVPRO hero? For starters, they are equipped with the skills, training, and knowledge to help you and your family in a time of crisis! If you would like to learn more about our "heroes," please give us a call at (401) 949-9955!

#Throwback Thursday

Here's a picture of Donald McKendall, the owner of SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island, at the 2017 SERVPRO Annual Convention in Seattle, Washington.

Team SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island

Check out team SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island!

SERVPRO Attends NE Tech Event in East Greenwich

SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island recently attended the New England Institute of Technology Networking Night on their main campus in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Shown in the image above is the President of SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island, Donald McKendall, General Manager, Gene Medeiros Sr, and Jeremy Rogers from Arden Engineering Constructors, LLC.

SERVPRO Awarded at 2017 Convention

At the recent SERVPRO convention in Seattle, Washington, SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island was honored with an outstanding sales award! Way to go, Don & Tina!

Stop off in Providence, Rhode Island

After eating dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, Stormy and Blaze pose for a photo in front of the very cool looking, Providence office buildings made from metal containers.

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Stormy and Blaze Stop off in Johnston, Rhode Island

On their time off, Stormy and Blaze travel to Johnston to thank each and every member of the Johnston Police Department. Thank you for everything you do!

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#Tbt to the Floods

Do you remember when Rhode Island experienced severe flooding? Stormy and Blaze sure do! Shown above is a picture of the two staying afloat in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

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A Thing of Beauty

At SERVPRO of Northern Rhode Island, our crews are ready to be dispatched to your home in case of an emergency, 24 hours/7 days a week! These professionals can be seen on highways, side roads, etc., in these beautiful, green, SERVPRO trucks!

Rusted Pipe Causes Problem for Lincoln Home

A pipe that had been rusted inside of a Lincoln home sprung a leak due to its inability to retain the flow of water. Our crews went into the home, removed the pipe and replaced it with a new that was both clean and efficient.