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What you should be cleaning regularly in your Cranston, RI home

8/11/2020 (Permalink)

Things you might not think about cleaning, but should If cleaning your Cranston home has proven to be too much for you to handle, give us a call at 401-949-9955!

When you go about cleaning your home, it's probably the big stuff. Floors, carpets, counters, bathrooms and bedrooms. But, some of the dirtiest items in your home probably don't come to mind on your cleaning day. 

Remote controls

This goes hand in hand with your cellphone, the remote is touched on a daily basis and germs can be spread through the contact. You should wipe your remotes with a disinfecting wipe at least once a week. (More during flu season, and especially now, during this coronavirus pandemic) 


Think for a second, when was the last time you actually cleaned your doorknobs? (In the office we wipe them down every day...but some of us are guilty of forgetting to do so at home...)

Make it a weekly chore to do! (It's recommended twice a week)

Light switches go along with this, too! 


Sometimes, we open our fridge and see all those leftovers we swore we'd eat...but now they're growing something fuzzy...oops!! 

No need to worry, we all do it (well, most of us). Once a day, you should wipe any spills or food debris right away to prevent any cross contamination or mold growth. Once a week, go through all those leftovers and have a "trash day" for the fridge. Leaving leftovers for a long period of time, mold will grow, and mold spores can spread to new, fresh food... which you surely don't want! 

At the change of each season, you should deep clean your refrigerator. Take everything out (put anything necessary in a cooler) check all the expiration dates, toss anything expired. Clean all produce drawers and wash the shelves.

Dryer and dryer vent

This is a very crucial part of preventing dryer fires! Dryer lint can (and will!) build up inside the dryer vent and can be ignited very quickly. You should be cleaning your dryer vent at least once a year, depending on your usage. 


Food bubbles over, fries fall off of the pan...stuff happens! But, you should get into the habit of cleaning your oven on a regular basis. Just simply turn on the oven's cleaning cycle, and you're good!! (Take out the food crumbs though.)

Toothbrush holder

Toothbrush holders are a hot spot for germs to gather!! This is probably something you don't really think about cleaning often. Most of them are dishwasher safe, so once a week, toss it in with the other dishes and let the dishwasher do all the sanitizing/cleaning! 

These 6 areas and objects around the home, among others, should be cleaned along with your regular list of items/rooms to clean. This'll keep your Cranston, RI home nice, clean, mold free, AND you can prevent fires too! 

If cleaning and disinfecting your home goes beyond what you can handle, give us a call at 401-949-9955, we're here to help!! 

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